Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wintery Manicure

So today I have a wintery manicure... wait, it's not winter? It feels like winter down here in Florida any time the weather gets below about 65 degrees. The last week or two we definitely had some cold days! This Southern girl loves curling up in hoodies on those days, but of course I will still be wearing flip flops. Can't take that summery spirit out of me! Anyway, onto the manicure.

The picture isn't the clearest, but it is really hard to capture shimmer! This is a light, dusty blue base with a gold shimmer polish on top. Other than the unkempt cuticles, I am pretty happy with the way this turned out. When I showed my fiance this manicure, he even said "That color is unique; I've never really seen that color on nails before!" (Yes, I totally wrote down his quote because it made me proud and he was sweet and I thought it would be awesome blogging material!)

The polishes I used were Orly Bonder as my base, OPI I Vant to be A-lone Star, Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Debu-tint, and Seche Vite as my top coat.

Let me rave about Sally Hansen Salon Manicure for a minute. First of all, I love their brush! It is flat, so the polish applies much more evenly. All of the polishes I have in that variety always apply super smoothly and have great consistency, and they are easy to take off, too! This particular color is probably one of my most recent favorites. Applied on its own, it gives your nails just a hint of shimmer -- more than just a clear coat would do. That subtle gold flash can be very intriguing.

One last picture... obviously very out of focus, but look at the bokeh in that shimmer! For those who are unfamiliar, bokeh is a photography style where the lights (or reflected light) is out of focus so it makes little circles. Sometimes taking out of focus photos of shimmery or holographic nail polish can show off the features a bit better than a straight on, in focus shot. What do you think? Do any of you have a favorite shimmer nail polish?


  1. Cute color! I have a pale blue polish that i love.thank for commenting & following! Ill follow back!

    1. Thank you for the follow!! Pale blue can be really pretty :)