Thursday, November 28, 2013

Five Favorites: Food

While we're all recovering from being overloaded on turkey and stuffing, let's talk about food some more, shall we? When I have a say in what I eat, I don't always make the healthiest choices, but they sure are yummy ones!

1. Brownies

This is the absolute best dessert ever in my opinion. Chocolate gooey-ness, pure indulgence. They are so many calories, but I can't resist them. Any time there is a potluck at work or anywhere, I offer to bring in brownies, hoping I will be able to take a lot home. Brownies are also really easy to make from a box. Betty Crocker is my best friend.

2. Cheetos Snack Crackers

These, oh my goodness. These are a bite of heaven. If you like Cheetos, you will love these. I discovered these when I was in college, and my local grocery store carried them. At some point, they stopped, and I was totally devastated, but I got over it (mostly) eventually. Recently, my fiance and I tried a grocery store that we always pass by near our house. They have lots of international foods and unique things. Lo and behold, they had my crackers! Now I am hooked again.

3. Green Beans

This is the one healthy thing on this list. If I had to pick a favorite vegetable, green beans would be it. Real green beans though, not fake ones. I consider fake green beans to be the kind from cans, or frozen. Real green beans are fresh. Fresh and delicious. I love the just-picked nature flavor, with just a little bit of butter. Nothing compares to the rich flavor of green beans. Corn, lima beans, carrots -- nope. It has to be green beans.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are fantastic for being on the go, sitting at home relaxing, or anytime really. I love that they can be a junk food if you are in a junk food mood, or they can be really healthy with fruits, veggies, and certain additives. Either way, they are always delicious. When you don't feel like a meal, but you know you need something in your stomach, smoothies are a great solution.

5. Pizza

The food of all foods. It is the ultimate in deliciousness. Cheese, bread, tomato sauce, pepperoni, just give it all to me. I love pizza. I could eat pizza 5 days a week and not get sick of it. In fact, I nearly did that when I lived around the corner from a place with $1 slices. It was the perfect lunch before my afternoon job. How can you resist $1 slices? My favorite places now are Mellow Mushroom and Hungry Howie's. Hungry Howie's really has some great pizza, with free flavored crust, for very reasonable prices.

What are some of your favorite foods?


  1. Pizza is a bad habit of mine! ;) My 5 favorites... chicken, tomatoes, chocolate, potatoes, and wine! Wine totally counts!

  2. YUM, YUM, YUM! All of the above sound SO GOOD. Mellow Mushroom is seriously the BEST pizza- I love it! On Saturday night when deciding what NON-THANKSGIVING foods to was it for me ;)

    1. Nice! My fiance and I just had some Mellow last night for dinner.. and the leftovers are today's lunch!

  3. My guiltiest-pleasure food is dark chocolate-covered almonds. They are SO DIVINE and delicious, and I can eat a pack of them in no time. (My husband has commented numerous times that he's concerned about me eating so many!)

    Some more favorites are eggplant parmesan, chicken pot pie and most any type of cookie.

  4. Ohh, you don't even know my obsession with Green Beans. Like don't even know. I was at a friends house Sunday Night and we were talking about the Holiday Dinner Party we are planning and everyone kept making jokes that I couldn't just bring Green Beans.

  5. So, I love everything you have on this list! I love cheese crackers, especially cheddar cheese ones. I love green beans whether they're baked or boiled. And who doesn't love pizza?

  6. Brownies are my number one dessert!
    i love how dense they are ;)
    & I cant stand canned or frozen green beans either!