Sunday, November 10, 2013

Savings Sunday

One of my favorite websites used to manage my budget is It makes it easy to set up budgets for different categories, such as utilities, gas, shopping, medical, or whatever else you spend your money on. Nail polish? Purses? Pants? If you have different bank accounts, you can link them all up on this site so you can see your total debts and assets.

One of my favorite features is the way it shows you trends. You can either do it by merchant, category, time, or even tag, if you choose to tag your expenses. These pictures show by category, and then by merchant. Dollar amounts are included when you actually see the whole website page.

Now that I am a homeowner and have a job where I get paid the same amount each period, it's much easier for me to make a budget and be able to see how much I have coming in and going out. I know it can be kind of a boring topic, and even a stressful one a lot of the time, but this site really takes the pressure off, in my opinion.

Many banks these days even have online options similar to this where you can budget your expenses. It might not be the most exciting thing, but if you are looking to save a little here and there, I would strongly recommend using one of these tools. Come on, pretty charts! You can't resist that. (Ok, maybe you can. But I can't.)

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  1. Thanks for telling about know i could sure use a better budgeting tool.