Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Inspiration

I am participating in a 2014 Blogger Challenge, where a topic is given at various times throughout the year, and bloggers write a post about it. The first topic is inspiration. Instead of coming up with resolutions, which I've already decided against, the idea is to share an inspirational quote or picture. Here's mine:

This image appeared on my feed a few weeks ago and I had it saved on my phone. It really spoke to me, because so often in life I tend to go along with the flow even if it's something I don't feel too crazy about.

It's easy to let other people make the decisions in life. But ultimately, if you're not making the effort to put aside some time for yourself to do something fulfilling, you're really harming yourself. This happens to me way too often. I usually don't realize I haven't been taking care of myself until it's been so long that I feel like I'm suffering.

On a similar note, the people you surround yourself with can impact your well-being too. If there is someone around you who doesn't make you feel good, get them out of your life (as much as possible). It's ok to not be friends with everyone.

What is most important is that you surround yourself with positive things and positive energy so your soul can be nourished and fulfilled. Going into the new year, I am going to focus on living in the moment and making sure I don't sacrifice too much to the point that it is harmful.


  1. Great way to start the new year and so true for the rest of your life!

  2. A wonderful perspective, Rachel! And I totally agree with you.

    "Going into the new year, I am going to focus on living in the moment and making sure I don't sacrifice too much to the point that it is harmful."


  3. You're completely speaking to my heart. Sometimes I get so busy taking care of our home, work and family that I forget to take care of myself. I'm aiming to change that this year.

  4. I love that quote! Not only does it refer to people but to habits and activies, like reality t.v. That was the first thing I gave up in 2014. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This quote rings true for me as well. I try to only do things that bring me energy - not take it away! No more junk food, exercise more, etc.

  6. I love this quote Rachel. If it doesn't nourish your soul and offer a benefit to your life, get rid of it because it's only a liability.

  7. Brilliant quote, given me an idea for a post on my blog, thanks for following me. Returning the favour