Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Liebster Award!

Wow, I am happy to say I was nominated for yet another Liebster Award by the lovely Angie at Angie's Angle! The answers to my questions are below.

1.  Why did you start blogging?
I felt this urge to write and express myself. I've had blogs before, but none have been permanent. This is just the latest one that hopefully will continue for years!
2.  What direction would you like your blog to take?
I'd like this blog to be a reflection of my personal life -- a place where I can share ups and downs and a place that focuses on positivity and seeing the good in everything.
3.  If you could have an evening (dinner, movie/walk) with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?
I'm not a big history person, so I'd have to say my fiance! We always have the best times together and even when things don't go according to plan, it is perfect and we manage to have a great time.
4.  Imagine you could go on vacation anywhere - where would you go and who would you take with you?
Out of all the places I've traveled, one of my favorites was the Florida Keys. I could travel anywhere in the world, but I'd choose this place that is nearly in my back yard (only a few hundred miles away). Of course I would go with my fiance! There is something magical about the water and the air down in the Keys.
5.  What would be the first thing you would splurge on if you were to win a jackpot?
A Chevrolet Corvette, of course!
6.  If you could domestic any animal as a pet, what would it be and why?
I'd domesticate a dolphin because they are cute, always smiling, and bring happiness to everyone.
7.   Do you have any hidden talents?
Well, I was born with an extra finger, and although it was removed, my thumb on that hand can bend in some pretty funky ways!
8.  What is your favorite way to relax?
A rum and coke, fresh air, and some jammin' music.
9.  If you could have one wish granted right now, what would it be?
I'd like to have more time, but mostly more energy so I can make better use of the time I have.
10.  What is your favorite season and why?
Well, it used to be summer, but our summers in Florida lately have been so suffocating that I think I have to say spring! Everything is blooming, there is a cool warmth (doesn't make sense, I know) to the air, and it overall just exudes positive vibes.
11.  Name 3 other blogs that you enjoy reading. 
Party of One | Neatly-Packaged | Notes from a Newlywed

Thank you all so much for checking out my answers. Questions? Comments? You know what to do! ;)


  1. Great answers hon :)
    Especially the dolphin ;)

  2. Aww Rachel thank you for the shout out!! :) I am loving that you want a corvette! Remind me to send you a picture of my dream one! :) Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hooray for Corvettes! And I only shout out the best ;)

  3. I also had a couple blogs before the one I have now...and I am forever changing my name and design! Something tells me we're gonna stick with it this time ;)