Monday, December 16, 2013


I know there's the joke that Mondays are always horrible and the day everyone dreads, but today is actually kind of one of those days for me.

It's not a horrible day, but I'm sleepy. Even though I rested over the weekend, it wasn't enough! It's never really enough though, is it? Can't we just have weekends all the time? When this feeling happens on a Monday, I like to call it Mundaze. I'm stuck in a daze on Monday, and it's mundane.

Last night I kept tossing and turning. We had the heat turned up, but it was still cold (for Florida, anyway). Thank goodness for Red Bull. Then when I got to work, one of my programs wasn't working, so I couldn't get things done! Maybe it was experiencing Mundaze too.

What do you do when you are stuck in a daze and you need to get things done? I hope you all are having the opposite of Mundaze!


  1. Oh mondays are a doozey! Coffee always works for me for that pep in my step :) Or even put on my favorite pandora station and dance away while I clean up the house :)

  2. I was stuck in this for basically ALL of last week, thanks in part to some sort of virus that was keeping me down. I like to think, though, if we had good days and weekends every day, we wouldn't appreciate them for what they are... so even though Mundaze suck, they make the good days even sweeter. And when I'm dragging, it's lots of coffee, loud music and sometimes dancing to keep myself engaged in the day. ;)

  3. I've felt like this a lot lately. I think I need a few days of uninterrupted sleep and rest. Just days lazying around in PJs and ordering in.